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'Dedicated' - Is There Ever Too Much Carly Rae Jepsen?

Updated: May 31, 2019

Carly Rae Jepsen returns with a set of effervescent, addictive tracks in her fourth studio album, Dedicated, achieving the highest Metacritic rating of all time and selling 21 thousand units in its first week alone. Who else can carve out sincere lyrics set over minty synth pop like she does? She has come a long way. Dubbed as the "Queen of Hearts" by Rolling Stone, Carly Rae Jepsen once again hits the scene effortlessly with her new bleached blonde look that sets her apart from the more errant personalities that the pop pedestals seem to save.

Running further ahead of the pack, Jepsen managed to whittle down 200 songs over her travels to the thicc royal jelly that is Dedicated. Now I’d say: That's dedication. No biggie.

'Too Much' and 'Now That I Found You' are two tracks that literally underpin the love that her album deserves. Nothing is held back in these electrifying songs that are brash pop, yet spiced up with an infusion of alternative elements. It's a good direction to go when pop loops these days are notoriously recycled based on the day's trend. Dedicated as a whole is responsible for a new form of escapism for the mundane moments in our lives. And of course when it comes to her charming vocal talent, her words hit home as there’s 'No Drug Like Me'.

Dedicated's credits is home to 16 producers over its relatively bulky 15 tracks - for a pop release. Often, this synergistic producer culture elicits a collective groan from hard-line indie snobs but it seems to do little to hamper Jepsen's restrained tone and chill personality. The popularity of her sincere brand of bright (perhaps very Canadian) pop certainly proves you don't need the arachnophillic musings of a moody Billie Eilish or the centre-stage hyperbole of Ariana Grande to sell records. Although its still very much pop there's certain promise in the use of alternative electronica that definitely cuts through the mash of modern popular music. Check it out below!



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