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Didirri Muses On Feeling Worn Out In New Single ‘Loose Belt Drive’ And Honestly, Same

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Didirri is giving us another taste of what to expect from his upcoming EP Sold for Sale with his introspective new single ‘Loose Belt Drive’.

Having written and recorded these new tracks between Jon Hume’s home studio in West Hollywood, the iconic Sunset Sound studio in LA and the isolated rural idyll of Johanna, Didirri seems to be reflecting on his place in the world as he migrates from the epicentre of the music industry to a life in lockdown.

"Loose Belt Drive is a metaphor for anyone feeling worn out, as anything that is belt-driven eventually wears out. It’s a part designed to be replaceable."

This track is so relatable to anyone feeling tired and unstable right now, and Didirri seems to reach out his hand and guide us through his feelings so we can better understand our own. ‘Loose Belt Drive’ opens with a wave of strings to let us know he’s really longing for something; answers? Normality? Excitement? Again, same.

He continues to guide us through the track with a constant heartbeat-like bass and drum combo which mimics going through the motions like “a cog in the machine”. However, he assures us that sticking to your guns in times of uncertainty is the way to go with the uplifting religious metaphors in his lyrics.

To celebrate the EP’s release, Didirri has announced he will be undertaking a virtual world tour, offering intimate concerts to fans in the UK, North America, Europe and Canada which luckily for us, will end with a release-day stream for his Australian fans on the 25th of September. Here, he will be hand-pressing vinyls, chatting about the EP and of course, blessing us with his contemplative jams.

And his lockdown considerations don’t end there. These concerts are strictly “pay what you can”, meaning Didirri is offering this experience for free to those who are struggling right now, and allowing those who can, to donate to the artist, band and production crew directly. See his website for more information.

There’s nothing more comforting during uncertain times than feeling like someone else is going through what you’re going through. And in his own commanding and poetic way, that is exactly what Didirri is offering with ‘Loose Belt Drive’.

Didirri Virtual World Tour Dates 2020

Tickets here

USA // Thursday, SEPT 10

12 PM PDT + 3 PM EDT

presented by Sofar Sounds

CANADA // Monday, SEPT 14

5.30 PM PDT + 8.30 PM EDT

UK & IRELAND // Wednesday, SEPT 16


EUROPE // Saturday, SEPT 19


AUSTRALIA // Friday, SEPT 25

7.30 PM AEST

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