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'Dwell' on Odette's Poignant New Single

Art: Eben Ejdne

Coming off the back of her incredible 2018 album To A Stranger, Odette has delivered us one of her most powerful songs yet with ‘Dwell’. An eclectic melody of experimental beats paired with Odette’s striking vocals make this a triumphant pop song. 'Dwell' is a sneak peak of her upcoming album 'Herald' out February 5th of next year.

“I wrote 'Dwell' because I knew I needed to change but I didn't know how to,” she explains. “I had spent a lot of my time marinating in my own grief and it had begun to fester and putrefy. This song is a call to everyone like me, who have felt the crueller sides of human nature, to acknowledge their own destructive potential and to expel the rage and fear that simmers like a poison broth in our hearts. I hope to leave delusion and arrive in the present moment, willing and open.” 

During pain there is nothing more we want to do than wallow in the sadness, even though we know it is not good for us, Odette takes this wallowing and inspires us to

Like a hot shower for a sunburn, ‘Dwell’ hurts and is intense, but you know that it will move you to feel better.

“but I can fix myself / it’s just temporary heartache”

This is an anthem of determination and redemption. Those inspiring words accompanied by a soothing melody of pop and soul electronic that grinds and move through the song into an enlightened state.

Along with the song Odette has released the accompanying music video that represents the song wholly in its visual form. Visions of entrapment, sinking, suffocating and masking appear throughout the clip, but near it’s end we also see an explosion of dance and movement that releases an incredible energy and resurgence, the exact same energy delivered through Odette’s empowering lyrics and voice.

‘Dwell’ is a song for anyone who feels as if they are drowning in a well of pain, to know that they can and will get out.





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