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FIDLAR bring the... Funk?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

With their third album Almost Free out at the end of the month it was time we got another single from US punk rockers FIDLAR .

'By Myself' opens in almost classic FIDLAR fashion. We get some self deprecating lyrics from frontman Zac, but they're accompanied by an unexpected acoustic guitar. We all know it is just winding up for that big punk explosion. Zac ends the verse and the guitar drops out for:


Seriously, egg-shaker-beat funk.

Imagine 'No Waves', but instead of that rolling surf punk guitar, you add a slower groooove. Because the trick for both tracks is, depressing lyrics don't mean a depressing song if you add a fun ass beat (With lyrics 'started from the bottom and still at the bottom', I can only assume Zac's sobriety is going well). And now we have no idea what to expect from this new album.

Here is hoping there is some more pleasant surprises and funk awaiting when Almost Free is released on January 25th. BYO egg shakers.



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