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flowerkid In Bloom With Stunning New Release

Image credit: via flowerkid's socials

Spring's here and the flora blossoms (along with my hay fever) but the first harvest comes by way of a stunning display of vulnerability and introspection with flowerkid's soaring single 'miss andry'.

19 year old Flynn Sant first jumped on the global radar with his 2018 release 'boy with the windfields and the wild heart' a track that's amassed over a two million streams on Spotify alone. With this breakthrough release, his follow up release is one that's been under close eye from fans and industry alike. Though we can kick any idea of a 'sophomore slump' to the curb as 'miss andry' boasts a confident honest introspection with alluring hooks and a cathartic build.

Following a massive announcement of flowerkid's global deal earlier this week, 'miss andry' shows flowerkid is more than ready to take on the international stage. Backed with a higher level of production than his previous releases, Sant uses all tools at his disposal to replicate a tension built up from years of internal and external angst. Slowly building layers on top of each other, it feels this bottle of pent up emotions bursts open, being release a gorgeous, cathartic climax.

The single comes from an accumulation of injustice and a "hatred and distrust for men that developed from such a young age " says Flynn. Coming out as trans two years ago, 'miss andry' tells the story of a unique form of misandry, an internal struggle with suffering at the hands of men, whilst coming to his identity as one.

"I was terrified because it was so truthful. It was so raw. It was like ripping myself open for everyone to see," he details. But on the contrary, it's this exact raw vulnerability that has attracted the masses to his releases. flowerkid is able to articulate even the most nuanced emotions in such a succinct way, showing a level a songwriting well beyond his years.

flowerkid channels his emotions with such maturity it's so hard to believe he's yet to hit his 20s. Whilst the track deals with some heavy (and extremely personal) topics, the track still feels uplifting, cathartic and relieving. It's poignant, powerful both lyrically and sonically and we're already calling this a hot tip for this year's Hottest 100. If this is just the start of flowerkid, we have a huge future to look forward to.

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