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Fresh Fridays - Your Guide

Another Friday has rolled around, and that means more than just aa step closer to the weekend. It means new music! A whole bunch of stuff has come out today, including new tracks from CXLOE, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Ceres and Foals to name a few. Let me walk you through the freshest from your faves.

1. Halsey x Yungblud x Travis Barker - '11 Minutes'

Yungblud, known for his punk anarchy has definitely made a clear step into the world of pop. Rumours around the relationship between Yungblud and Halsey have been flowing. And this track seems to seal the deal. It is a lot slower than a lot of his other work. Not being a Halsey fan, I can't say whether this is any different to her normal tunes, but I can't imagine so. But look, it achieves what it set out to do - being added to every teen and tween playlist.

2. CXLOE - 'I Can't Have Nice Things'

CXLOE blew onto the scene in a big way with 'Show You' last year, and this seems to be her first follow up track. The tune is definitely catchy. It doesn't seem to have the same pop magic as 'Show You', but it is worth a listen for sure. I think a lot of listeners will find the lyrics relatable af.

3. Mansionair - 'We Could Leave'

It's dreamy, it's relaxed, it's Mansionair. I would recommend listening to this track at least twice. On the first listen, it was a little easy to dismiss. But the second time around, I will pay you $10 if the guitar hook and "ooh ooh ooh"'s don't get stuck in your head. Voice of lead Jack Froggatt is damn beautiful, and definitely a good sign of things to come from the trio when their album drops on March 1st.

4. Foals - 'On The Luna'

Honestly, expected more. The vocals seem to be lost among the rest of the sounds of the track. If you are a religious Foals fan, you might like it. But it really isn't anything to write home about. The tune falls short of what I think they are really capable of.

5. Dear Seattle - 'Try'

Rate. I wouldn't consider myself a die hard fan of the Sydney bunch, but this tune might convert me. With lyrics like "When you're dead and gone, where has the money gone?" in the chorus, it will be a total sing along at their shows. I love what seems to be a little troll at 1:05 of the song where you expect the track to get heavier, but it drops into a slower version of the hook which is actually really beautiful. Don't worry though, things pick up around the two minute mark and really round out the track.

6. Catfish and the Bottlemen - 'Fluctuate'

Full disclosure, I am a huge Catfish fan. But like with Foals, I really don't think this track is anything special. It sounds very much like the rest of their discography. Which is a bit disappointing considering their earlier release 'Longshot' seemed to be a good sign of things to come. It might get better after the tenth listen? But I am not confident on that.

7. Ceres - Me & You

I love 'Viv In The Front Seat', so was really keen to give this another listen following the release on TripleJ Goodnights. I enjoyed this tune too, maybe not as much as 'Viv', but I enjoy the catchy chorus. I could definitely see this track playing during the climactic scene of a teen romance, and I actually mean that in the best way possible. Who isn't a sucker for those?



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