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Haiku Hands Get Freaky With 'Suck My Cherry'

Image: Haiku Hands via artist's socials

Featuring pounding drums, chanted group vocals and empowering lyrics, Haiku Hands' latest single 'Suck My Cherry' is full of swagger and unapologetic energy. This trio knows how to make a banger.

The track was written for the new motion picture Freaky, and serves as the horror comedy's closing title anthem. Haiku Hands collaborated with Freaky filmmaker Christopher Landon to produce the track. "I knew I needed a song and vibe that reflected the movie’s message of female empowerment", he said.

As a self-proclaimed huge fan of Haiku Hands, Landon knew they would be perfect for the role. "They have a sound that feels both retro and modern", he said. "['Suck My Cherry'] is nothing short of a banger. Lyrically, it’s playful and powerful. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to end this movie, and this song is [chef’s kiss] perfect.”

The group was just as stoked to be involved with the film. “We were invited to watch an exclusive preview of the film", they said. "It was freaky, and we were jumping and screaming all through it.”

This was during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, so the group had to write the track through Zoom sessions along with collaborators Hermitude and Joelistics.

These two artists also make a brief appearance in the song's music video, directed by Jasmin Tarasin. The video features scenes from the film interspersed with energetic performances from Haiku Hands, which grow progressively spookier as they play with lighting, masks and other visual effects.

It's a video that perfectly complements the uptempo and unruly nature of the song. In true Haiku Hands fashion, it combines wild energy and humour to put on a hell of a show.

'Suck My Cherry' follows swiftly on from Haiku Hands' critically acclaimed self-titled debut album that dropped in September. The group have established themselves as one of the most chaotically creative acts in Australia with their recent releases, and that reputation is only growing from here on out.

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