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You Want to Party? Haiku Hands Have Got You Covered

Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski

Over the past couple years Haiku Hands have proved themselves as a must-see. Captivating live shows with incredible dancing and their slick pop tracks, there’s a huge party whenever Haiku Hands are near. It is no surprise then, that all that live performance energy has been funnelled into their debut self-title album! The fresh, dance pop group have delivered the perfect party soundtrack in a 12-song album to please the dance gods in us all. If the party is dying out and your friends look a bit bored, chuck this album on and the party is revived!

Starting off with ‘Not About You’, a deep and bouncy track. This one is for the clubs, whenever they open again. Whereas ‘Manb*tch’ is a song of domination, filled with snappy horns and lyrics such as ‘You Can Be my Manb*tch’ that ooze power. ‘Sunride’ is a slower track; with the group vocals still present making the song sound full and welcoming. The energy is effervescent, even when Haiku Hands go mellow on a track it still bleeds fun.

Next up Haiku Hands give us ‘Jupiter’, which is completely reminiscent of early 2000s Aus. Alt-Pop, yet it is still ripe. The breezy grooves make this feel like the perfect song to roller-skate too, which everyone seems to be into at the moment. You know all those art wankers in your life? ‘Fashion Model Art’ is for them. It’s cocky, narcissistic, and irresistible. The pace of the album is bought back up on ‘Onset’. This song will make you work up a sweat with circular, hypotonic beats that demand you to move your body.

If ‘Eat This Bass’ came out in 2007 it would have definitely been used in a club scene on Skins. Its sweaty, with angsty vocals and a bassy-deep rumbling pulse. Opening with a steady bassline and single vocals, ‘Car Crash’ screams angsty-teen-locked-in-their-bedroom. While the track picks up in pace, moodiness is omnipresent. Haiku Hands bring the party back on ‘Super Villain’, spouting lyrics such as ‘Imma do what I want / when I want / Imma get it / f*ck this sh*t’, giving us the determination, we need to finish 2020!

‘Mechanical Animal’ shows Haiku Hands’ sultry side, the sensual deep vocals we heard on ‘Eat This Bass’ are back to make this sexy track! The penultimate track of the album ‘I See you Baby’ moves the album from sensual to spooky. Still upbeat and fun in the typical Haiku Hands way, but the high-pitched scream featured on the track is chilling! The conclusive song on the album ‘Morning Becomes’ is a slow burn, easing us through each part of the song. It’s the perfect conclusion to a well-rounded album.

This mammoth 12-track album has everything we you’d expect from Haiku Hands; dance-pop hits, sultry melodies, edgy lyrics and a subtle arrogance. This album is a party and a half and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Haiku Hands.






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