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Hallie Shares Debut EP - 'Wink Wink Nudge Nudge'

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Hallie is unafraid to define her personality in the art that she performs. She's honest, bold and the core foundation of her sincere and raw story-telling. At the age of 20, the Brisbane native is deservingly an arising symbol in pop-rock, with her innate ability to tie together memorable melodies with a voice so full of passion and emotion. Her songs are satirical narratives hidden subtly in jazzy melodies and profound, yet relatable lyrics.

Embarking with an ingenious track title, 'One', Wink Wink Nudge Nudge entices fans with a waltz, then takes a swing and declares, "Why choose one?" The blue synths of standout single 'Nice Like Rice' along with powerfully twangy vocals beautifully pierce the fine line between folk-pop and indie-rock. There's a playful side to the EP too as title track 'Wink Wink Nudge Nudge' with tongue in cheek, daringly flirts with unsaid thoughts.

'I Sound Desperate' with its witty lyrics and warm undertones is the perfect pin to the second half of the EP. Whether narrating about a lost friendship or sunsetting a relationship, Hallie does it in an art so gracefully metaphorical and brash, "Tell me good luck / I'm stuck in mud / it's fine".

Her EP ends appropriately with the first single she shared back in March,‘What’s Good?’ Hallie coats casual insanity with almost cruel charm as she produces a sexy, six-track debut EP Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. Although parallels exist with indie staples and not so indie stars, Hallie dons a style that's so distinctly hers and in doing so carves out her own sincere brand in a brimming industry. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge is a stand-out debut from an artist who has seemingly found her perfect form and yet is only just beginning.


2019 has been a productive year for Hallie as she performed alongside Verge Collection, IVEY, Spacey Jane, Eliza & The Delusionals, Stumps, Holy Holy, Carla Geneve and Gena Rose Bruce. She slayed in BIGSOUND 2019, where she won the Triple J Unearthed BIGSOUND Competition and was named Triple J Unearthed feature artist.  

"Thought your voice was going to be the thing that bowled me over but those guitars are doing an equally good job". - Tommy Faith, triple j


Friday 19th October

The Retreat Hotel – Melbourne, VIC   w/ Tamara and the Dreams & Loni Rae Thomson Friday 25th October

Vic On The Park – Sydney, NSW  Supporting Annie Hamilton Saturday 26th October

The Foundry – Brisbane, QLD Supporting Asha Jefferies Thursday 31st October

Strawberry Boogie @ Unibar – Wollongong, NSW

Check out our live review of Hallie! Here's more about her on Triple j as well. Follow Hallie | Facebook



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