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Under The Radar: 'Heal Me' with GLVES New Single

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

As a part of our Underground Drops series unearthing independent artists who are bound to blow up, we turn our focus to GLVES; a fresh electronic artist with a focus on beauty and reverence through her music. As a Kaurareg Aboriginal and Polynesian woman, GLVES music is driven by an appreciation of her heritage and a yearning to further connect with her culture.

GLVES latest single ‘Heal Me’ carries the same ethereal moodiness from her first single ‘Abyss’ released earlier this year. ‘Abyss’ is a dark, electropop song that pairs with GLVES gliding voice to create a glistening track. ‘Heal Me’ takes GLVES to the next level, showing off her light vocals and a weaving of voltaic beats.

GLVES says that ‘Heal Me’ is an anthem to remind herself that the only person that can really heal her is herself, which is a feeling we can all relate to. The lyrics ‘ I don’t even know who you are / but I know it ain’t me’ - speak to a ubiquitous understanding of loss of identity and searching to heal one’s self.

Although infused with snappy electronic beats, GLVES love and appreciation of nature resonates through the song – it’s also raw and earthy where GLVES is clearly grounded on this track. As the name suggests we go through a process of healing through this haunting song, from the yearning of wholeness to the incredible bridge where GLVES repeats the lyrics ‘ I summon the power / to make my life flower’ – a powerful mantra that inspires the confidence one needs to heal.

‘Heal Me’ is a forceful track, built on GLVES personal reflection with a deep brooding melodic backing. GLVES is definitely one to watch!

Listen to ‘Heal Me’ on our Underground Drops playlist on Spotify, featuring a collection of our favourite independent artists! LISTEN




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