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Hobart Curtis Will 'Run' Rings Around You His Latest Release

Image Courtesy of Kick Push PR

Brisbane Alt-pop baby boo, Hobart Curtis has given us a sugar rush with his bubblegum candy crushing single, 'Run.' Freshly squeezed on November 26th, the single is coming down your chimney and straight into your eager ears. Passing on the baton from his debut album Fever Dream earlier this year, 'Run' comes in breathy and fast.

The drums really reciprocate the sound of feet pounding into pavement, as the piece dives headfirst through sonic realms uncharted. Pairing up with iconic Australian music producer, John Castle (the guy behind Megan Washington, Vance Joy & Josh Pyke), 'Run' comes neatly packaged in a synth-flavoured bow, with cute little atmospheric bubbling vocal curly-whirlies on either side.

There is a juxtaposition between the serene pastel instrumentation and the retrospective vitriolic lyrics. If Hobart Curtis is singing from the heart, then the backing synth pulse is his heart beat. The rhythm lurches and boosts us forward, keeping us always running.

Speaking of the song, Monsieur Curtis stated:

'Run' is about the constant spectre of past relationships, that can creep in at times when things are rough. But you always come to your senses that it's not real, and it's not something you'd actually want.”

The track tackles daring emotional ground and is yet-another classic from Brisbane's finest pop minstrel. Be it the forlorn vocal reminiscence, or the cherry-flavoured futurescape behind it, 'Run' will treat your ears to dinner and pay the bill. Pop it into your ipod and get jogging today. 'Run' is out now and in pole position, ready for the starting pistol.

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