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It's Been A Tropical Fu*k Storm Of A Year But Here's Some 'Heaven'

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Tropical Fu*k Storm invites us into their world of psychedelic swirls and shimmering guitar strings on their reimagining of a Talking Heads classic, ‘Heaven’. Fresh off the release of the equally tantalising single ‘Legal Ghost’, ‘Heaven’ will be joining this track on a limited edition 7’’ vinyl which can be preordered here. This vinyl is marked by cover art from Canadian artist Joe Becker that is equal parts alluring and disconcerting, but undoubtedly would look sick in any collection.

‘Heaven’ sounds like a smile in a thunderstorm, years of exasperation can be heard in the curdling screams of ‘Heaven is a place, a place where nothing/Nothing ever happens’. The track is a five-minute odyssey that band member Gareth describes as a pandemic influenced reimagining of what heaven now means. In a western world that has taken a hit it wasn’t ready for, ‘Heaven’ strikes a chord somewhere between a search for solace and an acceptance that it may not come.

The vocals seem to open with an aura of hope, yet by the end of track are enchanting you into a chamber of disheartened despair. The echoes of ‘where nothing ever happens’ holds a haunting relevancy as Tropical Fu*k Storm lay down the perfect soundtrack for a time of uncertainty and the self-examination that comes with it.

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