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Kitty Rae's Debut Single Is ‘Rich’ In Life

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Melbourne indie-pop songstress Kitty Rae has hit the Australian music scene with debut single ‘Rich’ and we are vibing. In a year that has proved difficult for everyone, ‘Rich’ is a track that provides some welcome solace. Blending catchy pop melodies with optimistic lyrics, this track celebrates the simple things in life - that being rich in spirit is the wealth that matters most.

“The more I learn about myself and the world around me, the more I realise that I am the one in control of my life. We’re all dealt different cards, and though some of us don’t come from a lot of money and may have had troubled childhoods – you’re only one moment away from changing your life. It all starts with your mindset,” Rae says.

‘Rich’ draws you in with crystalline synth blocks before arriving with pulsing dark harmonies that herald a melody steeped in R&B-meets-rock vibes. This coupled with exceptionally tight vocals instinctively makes us stomp our feet to the beat. ‘Rich’ is a welcome reminder that “If you’re stressing, take a moment keep it simple” and to enjoy ‘the thrill of a life unplanned’. Her sultry vocals combined with the track’s brooding synth melodic parts and pop-rock feel empowers the listener to see the glass half full. She knows she’s not rich in money, but she’s rich in life’s simple pleasures and that’s where true happiness lies.

If the hopeful lyrics, melodious tune and tight production are not enough to turn your frown upside down, then watch the official isolation music video that accompanies Kitty Rae’s single. Her joyful energy is infectious and has got me singing ‘ba da da da, ba da da da’ for the rest of the day. It’s bound to leave you rich in high spirits too.

‘Rich’ is the debut single off Kitty Rae’s upcoming EP The Prelude. Stay tuned for more uplifting, feel-good music from this exciting new artist in the near future!

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1 comment

1 Comment

Peter Mangold
Peter Mangold
Sep 07, 2020

Great song, great message. Looking forward to hearing more!

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