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LIVE REVIEW - Yungblud at The Triffid

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

The uncompromising storm of energy that is Yungblud rolled into Brisbane for a hectic Sunday night show at The Triffid.

The Doncaster born artist brought everything to the table for an unforgettable show.

The set was filled with all the young muso’s most popular tracks off his first album release 21st Century Liability including ‘I Love You Will You Marry Me?’, ‘Polygraph Eyes’ and ‘King Charles’. Also featured was one of the newest tracks from the artist, ‘Loner’.

It is easy to see why Yungblud (Dominic Harrison) describes himself as a “socially conscious artist unafraid of delivering genre-bending protest songs”. He does have a song titled ‘Machine Gun (F**k The NRA)’ after all.

Hot off rumours that Harrison is now involved with American artist Halsey, it was no wonder he provided a shout out in relation to her (then) upcoming SNL performance.

Harrison’s charisma is palpable even from the back of the room. His involvement with the crowd followed throughout the entire set. And it was not only the crowd that got a taste of his charm, a fellow band mate scored a smooch halfway through the set to deafening cheers from punters.

It was quite the experience to hear track ‘Kill Somebody’ sung by Harrison in harmony with the crowd. Hundreds singing along to lyrics “All I wanna do is kill somebody, kill somebody, kill somebody like you”, all with smiles on their faces is quite the contrast to the bubblyness and hype of the rest his set.

But amongst all the punk angst is a bunch of serious messages that appeal to the demographic of his fans, and result in sold out shows. Harrison made mention of his struggles with anxiety, and the fact that music and the people he met though music have helped him manage and understand his condition.

Closing out the show with tracks ‘Doctor Doctor’ and the aforementioned ‘Machine Gun’, including an entry into the moshpit to share sweat with the crowd, it all ended with the same vitality as it had begun.

I don’t think we have seen the last of Yungblud, and plenty of artists could learn from his unparalleled stage presence and magnetism.



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