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LIVE REVIEW - Crooked Colours @ The Tivoli

Updated: May 21, 2019

Crooked Colours made their way to The Tivoli stage over the weekend, and brought one hell of a show with them.

You can tell when a band is on the cusp of a cult following by the energy in the room before their show. Over a hundred fans buzzed with energy in the lead up to the Perth boys stepped onto the dark lit stage. They hit all their chill dance faves including ‘Flow’, ‘Do It Like You’ and “Come Back To You’ to name a few. But it was definitely all their new tracks that stole the show. Hot off their latest album release Langata, released in full only the day before, Crooked Colours showed they had no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Though the crowd riled for their favourites, the addition of the new tracks meant the dancing never slowed. Besides, I doubt the crowd were worried that the first time hearing the new tracks were live, dancing their hearts out with their closest mates. Sure beats Spotify on the train.

Along with the new and the old, a tune from April 2018 drew some cheers from the onlookers. All the stops were pulled out for their cover of Baby Bash ‘Suga Suga’ as debuted on Like A Version. It was a fave then, and it sure as hell is a fave now.

The stage was kept minimalist, with an awesome suspended cube in the centre of the stage that provided some cool light effects throughout the set. Might be nerdy to comment on lighting, but I will pay someone $50 if the blue, pink and purple lighting at some points during the set were not in homage to the album cover for their 2017 album Vera.

They might have been a long way from their home town, but Crooked Colours sure made you feel welcome.



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