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LivewireAU's Six Pack: So You Can Say You Heard It First

We all know that friend who loves to say ‘Oh, I’ve been listening to them for years’ Well now's your chance to be that OG fan with our round-up of fresh new hits from emerging artists who are just bursting with talent. Happy listening!

Timechyld – ‘Bird Has Flown’

With TikTok and the ever-shortening attention span, a five-minute long song seems like an epic saga. Timechyld’s latest track comes in at just under five-minutes, which really isn’t that long but definitely feels it, yet remains captivating in its entirety. This uplifting groove track is easily one of the best feel-good tracks of recent times. While everyone else is writing sombre songs about lockdown, Timechyld has created a playful, uplifting track with a pulsating bass – not to mention that incredible guitar solo three quarters in. ‘Bird Has Flown’ is begging you to dance along, and you better do it.

For fans of: Parcels, Boo Seeka, Ocean Grove


G. Samedi – ‘Ares’

You asked for breezy electronic with an incredible slapping bass line? I got you. G. Samedi’s latest track ‘Ares’ is a darkly soothing track. As the name suggests this song explored the troubles of Ares, the Greek God of war, and the internal dialogue he faces. The moody angst that melds with the gentle electronic beats perfectly suggest a battle with oneself. There’s a youthful sweetness to G. Samedi’s voice, almost timid in his expression, and the contrast between this softness and the sharp electronics creates a dynamic that is almost haunting. I think Ares himself would be proud of this one.

For fans of: James Blake, SBTRKT, Jami XX


Valencia James – ‘All the Waves’

Lockdown has inspired many artists to reflect and create works of encouragement, but Valencia James’ new single ‘All the Waves’ reminds us not only that we will persevere through the hard times, but that hard times can often bring out the best in each of us. “'All the Waves' takes inspiration from a really long, hard season I was going through that lasted really up until now and it's become even more relevant with everything going on in 2020” says Valencia James. A complimentary blend of a classic piano balled with a refreshing electric mix; this song goes truly feel like a wave gently swaying and crashing – completely representing the lyrics of this track.

For fans of: Meg Mac, Vera Blue, Jack River

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Marcus Arch – ‘Dance Lovers’

The 1980s are really back with this neon-synth explosion. Aussie trio Marcus Arch are indie-Australia’s answer to our society’s ever-present obsession with nostalgia for the 1980s. ‘Dance Lovers’ is their latest track and it is perfectly suited for a romantic film scene set at a roller-rink, honestly. This electronic rock single teams reminiscent synth-pop and hearty bass lines with modern storytelling in their lyricism. Singing about dancing free from judgement or the ‘burden of self-consciousness’, Marcus Arch wants everyone to stop worrying about looking silly and instead focus on having a good time, you can thank them later.

For fans of: Passion Pit, Miami Horror, Client Liason


Cale – ‘Cheap Distractions’ feat. Moody Beach

Damn, Cale has got to be one of the coolest producers in Australia currently. His debut single ‘Cheap Distractions’ featuring Moody Beach is a moody, witchy slow burn that brews feelings of desire and yearning. Moody Beach’s vocals shine on this track, her range and capability to inspire deep cravings of hunger. This collaboration is everything. Moody Beach’s typically shoegaze vocals drive the grittiness of the track, elevating the dark electronic beats grinding throughout the track. ‘Cheap Distractions’ completely transports us to a sticky basement club, a cool one though.

For fans of: RUFUS DU SOL, Nyxen, Nicole Millar


Kitten Heel – ‘Nothing Constructive’

Put your sunglasses on because were going cruising! With a name like Kitten Heel we expected big things, and they delivered. The latest track from the band is the type of dance music for the indie softboi in us all – heavy synths and Morrissey-esque vocals but teamed up with the topical analysis of social media makes this one a perfectly rounded track. It’s fun, it’s unique and it’s a banger if nothing else. Imagine worrying about the future of technology and its influence on our world, but to this sweet, synth-pop track; what a good time! We can expect their second EP later this year.

For fans of: Body Type, EGOISM, Flowertruck




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