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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Your Summer Playlist Taken Care Of

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

December is upon us and it’s the perfect chance to add some new tunes to your 2020 finds. Start off your summer the right way with this collection of laid back grooves from Australia's newest talent. We’ve got the perfect soundtrack for your beach days and road trips.

Choosing Sides - ‘Cardboard Seats’

Adelaide’s indie rock scene is bursting with talent as of late, and Choosing Sides is no exception. ‘Cardboard Seats’ describes “that feeling of longing for something ‘real’ and the need to escape city life for something a little grittier”. This track is a sweet and nostalgic listen channeling feelings of frustration and disappointment. Feeling torn between the simplicity of small town life and the dazzling city lights definitely hits close to home.

For Fans of: Gang of Youths, Nothing But Thieves and Death By Denim

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Sam Marks - ‘Eventide’

Sydney indie artist Sam Marks has dropped his highly anticipated second singleEventide’. This melancholic track is awash with sun-soaked guitars, dreamy lyrics and rich husky vocals worthy of a Chris Cornell comparison. Marks explores complex emotions to reflect on a short-lived fling during his California travels. ‘Eventide’ transports you to warm summer memories with its youthful energy and folk charm.

For Fans of: The Dreggs, The Teskey Brothers and Pete Murray

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ROYEL OTIS - ‘Without You’

We’re pretty stoked to introduce you to Sydney duo ROYEL OTIS with their debut single ‘Without You’. ROYEL OTIS draws inspiration from old Japanese city pop records and 90’s nostalgia to create dreamy pop perfect for Tame Impala devotees. ‘Without You’ combines lo-fi pop, psychedelic guitars and shimmering melodies to send you into a summer trance. Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddellwell have smashed it out of the park with this well-polished debut.

For Fans of: Tame Impala, MGMT and Passion Pit

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HEJDUK - ‘Into The Moon’

Melbourne indie-folk artist HEJDUK’s new single ‘Into The Moon’ is utterly haunting. Struggling to find balance between work and rest (don't we know the feeling), HEJDUK wrote this song about “being present and in the moment”. ‘Into The Moon’ is twinkling with chilling vocals, soft acoustic guitar and gentle piano, inviting you to slow down and breathe. Gradually building in intensity, this gorgeous track captures you and does not let go.

For Fans of: Sufjan Stevans, Boy & Bear and Bon Iver

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Lara - ‘Circles’

19-year-old Melbourne pop-enchantress Lara brings style, individuality and a sense of mystery to the table in her new single ‘Circles’. Kicking off with funky bass and percussion, Lara’s edgy vocals enter the track with confidence and a hint of darkness. A multi-talented expert in music production and performance, Lara captures your attention on this 2000’s inspired track. Check out her debut album Bored Games, released earlier this year, for more.

For Fans of: Sycco, Alice Ivy and Marina & The Diamonds

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Brandon Jack & The Artifacts - ‘You and Me’

Brandon Jack & The Artifacts is an electronic garage rock project produced, written, mixed and recorded by Brandon Jack. ‘You and Me’ strikes a perfect balance between lo-fi house and scrappy garage, featuring transparent lyrics personifying Jack’s anxieties. With his previous band splitting up, Brandon Jack shared “I wanted to make something that sounded completely unalike anything I’d do with the band”. Brandon Jack has drawn upon his many talents to break down musical barriers and create a multilayered dance track.

For Fans of: Fat Boy Slim, The Chemical Brothers and Kasabian

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