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Mallrat releases very good boy 'Charlie'

After just celebrating the one year anniversary of her In The Sky EP that smashed the charts with tracks like 'Groceries' and 'UFO', Mallrat returns with a new single that bares more soul, whilst still being a certified banger.

Sharing its name with the songwriter's dog, 'Charlie' is the lead single off Brisbane pop diva Grace Shaw (AKA Mallrat)'s upcoming EP Driving Music. Whilst we've grown accustomed to some #relatable content from the songstress, 'Charlie' really takes things up a notch, by stripping things back.

The track begins in usual Mallrat style, a ballard-esque intro with layered vocals with a hip-moving beat being introduced soon after. But one cannot look past the lyrics in this release.

"Laying down She says that love is like a chess game / And boys gotta do the chasing / When did I start taking her advice? / I raised myself and that’s alright" she drops in the second verse. A line which really recontexualises Shaw's success. A songwriter that burst onto the scene when she was 17, going on to play Falls Festival before she could drink legally, teaming up with Allday and spending half her adult life over in the USA. I don't know Grace, but for some reason, this Brisbanite can't help but feel proud.

Her lyricism continues to shine, showing an ability that surpasses her years. She's no longer singing about a disdain for Westfield, or not wanting to go to parties and to quote early 2000's punk-pop legends Blink-182, "I guess this is growing up".

The track however isn't a cry for help. It's an anthem for unconditional love. Like coming home and seeing your pupper. She balances those soft tender feelings with an optimistic hope - and combined with a synth, we're left with a song that makes you want to dance around the kitchen.

Whilst we won't be seeing an album from her anytime soon, September 2 will see six-track EP Driving Music dropped on the world, and if 'Charlie' is anything to go by - it's going to be a welcomed addition to your summer playlist.

Alternatively, if you can't wait that long, she's joining Allday on his national tour at the end of this month.


Saturday, 17th August – Metro City, Perth Friday, 23rd August – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane (AA) Saturday, 24th August – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (AA) Friday, 30th August – HQ Complex, Adelaide (AA) Saturday, 31st August – Festival Hall, Melbourne



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