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Monica Frances is 'Someone Else' in her debut EP

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Young Byron singer-songwriter Monica Frances has just released her debut EP Someone Else. At just 17 years of age she boasts musicality and a history of humanitarian activism beyond her years.

Someone Else is an endearingly raw debut that boldly flickers between genres to fit its ecclectic influences and weighty lyrcism. The four track EP is something honestly unique that truly keeps you on your toes with each song a showcase of Frances' versatility and potential.

Despite exuding innocence with sweet vocals and Kate-Milleresque instrumental shimmers the title track hits hard with its message. "We need to pull ourselves together and look into the eyes of someone else" Frances pleads. It's an ode to society's youth who are constantly mislabelled as lackadaisical. Following a track like 'Someone Else' , 'Persona' comes as a surprise with a shift of atmosphere to a soulful ballad that really shows off Frances' vocal range. "Stop trying to defend a persona" she orders, with edge and elegance. Third song 'I'm Going' returns to the jaunty feel of the opener but that's where the similarities end. Here Frances pushes her sylphlike vocals even further amongst seriously idiosyncratic chords. The vocal embellishments remind us of another QLD talent Hallie, piercing through the harmony.

The closer 'Human Superiority' and in honesty the EP itself demonstrates an unbelievable level of introspection and maturity for such a young artist. Although her youthful vocals and unique musicality is a wave of freshness, Monica Frances writes like a philosopher who has watched the eons go by. Someone Else is an impassioned debut that demonstrates a prodigious songwriting talent soon to be in bloom.


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