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Q&A: Rose Rogers' Top 5 Albums Of All Time

They say life shapes who we are and that inspiration can come from anywhere. Artists, like all creatives, use their experiences to shape their work. With its warm guitar verses and grounded vocals, Rose Rogers’s debut EP, ‘Paper Dreams’, was an impressive collection of songs which captured the young songstress’s relatability and charm. We wanted to know more, and when asked, Rogers was kind enough to share with us her top five albums of all time and what they mean to her.

1. Supertramp – Crisis? What Crisis?

Hands down my absolute favourite album of all time. I think Supertramp are heavily underrated. I personally think their music is simply phenomenal, very talented band. I cannot help but get so easily lost in their music, the creative elements, the unique sounds, the harmonies, it is just TOO good! There is a lot of nostalgia connected to this album from my Dad, they’re his favourite band of all time and has a tendency to follow Roger Hodgson around on tour (die hard fan), but even if he had never showed me a single Supertramp song in my life, I know I would have eventually stumbled across them and STILL had the same opinion I have today. This album is one where you go “this is my favourite track” “no, no THIS is my favourite track” “..NO THIS IS M—Okay this whole album is just fire”. ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ can honestly almost make me feel every emotion, that’s pretty incredible and powerful stuff when you think about it!

2. The Beatles – Please, Please Me

How on earth could anyone choose just ONE Beatles album.. this was really tough! I went with 1963’s ‘Please, Please Me’, because those were the first Beatles song I was ever introduced to. I remember listening to these songs every morning on the bus to school, I liked other music that was popular at the time but to me there was nothing else quite like the sound of The Beatles. There was a typical, obnoxious high school bully on the bus who liked to target innocent kids minding their own business, I remember he yanked my iPod from me one afternoon, my headphones flying out and he listened to it. The Beatles were playing and he said loudly with disgust “THE BEATLES?!!! WTF?!”. As a 14 year old, I was naturally quite embarrassed but now that I’m older, I realise I had absolutely NOTHING to feel ashamed about and that The Beatles (to me) will always be considered real music.

3. Electric Light Orchestra – Out of the Blue

E.L.O undoubtedly (in my mind) takes the win for the ‘unique band’ award. What a group. Another album where there is track after track of incredible music. So catchy and creative, it’s hard not to like music like this! This is another album that holds a lot of nostalgia, hearing it play early on a Sunday morning while Mum and Dad cooked breakfast for us kids. It always created an instantly good feeling. So grateful that I was exposed to such great music at a young age.

4. Paul McCartney (Wings) – All The Best

Amazing album. I know just about every lyric. This album takes you on a magical ride, makes you feel all sorts of wonderful things, Paul McCartney is a musical legend. The type of album I could put on at any time of the day, week or month and it immediately boosts your mood and has you helplessly singing along and dancing.

5. The Jungle Giants – She’s A Riot

Does it count if it’s an EP?! I love old school Jungle Giants! This album was always playing throughout some of the most memorable moments of my life. My favourite track is “Way Back When”, I honestly could have listened to that a couple of thousand times by now. Just one of those great albums that takes you back and holds a lot of great memories from your younger years. One that never gets old.

Rose Rogers EP Paper Dreams is out now

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