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Ruby Gilbert Lives Fast, Dies Last In Her Latest Single

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Images Courtesy of Kick Push PR

Brisbane mic charmer Ruby Gilbert has been kicking up a fuss since her 2018 debut album Dearly Beloved. Now she comes back to the brawl with her latest single 'Die Young' sending us home in stretchers. The track starts off with a 2000s trapped-inside-too-long acoustic guitar riff, before a basic kick-beat comes flying through the air like an angry Frenchmen with a sideways Cantona-Kung-Fu kick. The Milo-flavoured get-up-and-go slugfest continues when Ruby's dusky vocals come in swingin'. Let's get into the old 1, 2.

The main chorus is what really makes the track. The electric guitar comes in with a stab of gusto, and the vocal hook is intoxicatingly irresistible. You'll be singing this one for hours while your neighbours try and Shazam you through the wall so they can jump on that train with you. Ruby's vocal delivery is bluesy & hard like Janis Joplin, with the guitar wailing and droning as the song goes into a soaring vocal bridge.

The track features Ruby's patented weaving of the yarn, retelling the tale of a soured relationship & the retrospective insight afforded in the hollow afterglow:

‘Die Young’ is about feeling relieved to be alone after a relationship, but then ultimately feeling desolate. Whilst feeling conflicted, I felt lonelier in their presence.”

'Die Young' is anything but dull though! Punchy, propelling & badass, this song is like an ice cream melting in the sun, HOT. Available everywhere, give it a listen and follow The Mighty Ruby Gilbert on all your mum's favourite social media platforms so you can be the first to know when the next release goes down.

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