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Say 'Hello' To Hollow Coves' Latest Single

Photo credit: Leniflashes

Brisbane duo Hollow Coves have got your sleepy Sunday morning soundtrack down pat. Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson have been making waves under the project with their sweet indie folk sounds, and their latest offering 'Hello' is a fine showcase of their talents.

Written and recorded at their home studio on the Gold Coast', 'Hello' dives right in to the difficulties of isolation and changes in lifestyle during lockdown.

“We ended up recording it and self-producing it at our little home studio...It’s about the mundane day-to-day life of being stuck inside alone and going a bit stir crazy," the band states. "We think a lot of people will be able to relate to this one after the past year.”

It's both relatable and accessible, due to its gorgeous acoustic guitar, memorable melodies and warm harmonies. It's this kind of easy listening that has built a huge following for Hollow Coves, particularly on online platforms where they have amassed streaming numbers in the hundreds of millions.

But the duo are really just getting started—their debut album Moments released just two years ago; they're now preparing for the release of the follow-up EP Blessings, due on 11 June.

Blessings will feature five new tracks, including 'Hello' and their previous single 'Lonely Nights'. The record will showcase the growth in the duo's captivatingly intimate songwriting, as well as their DIY home production.

Following the release, Hollow Coves will be taking Blessings across the country and beyond, with limited tickets remaining for their Australian tour and a European tour planned for 2022. They're already going global with their success, and with songs like 'Hello', there's a lot more to come.

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