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Soar Through The Folklore Stratosphere With Kaurna Cronin’s New Single ‘Our Way’

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Photo: Cooper William

South-Australian folk extraordinaire Kaurna Cronin is back with his first single of the year titled ‘Our Way’, coupled with a dazzling, blue-tinged music video. Written for two German fans who requested Cronin's warm rugged vocals and heartfelt lyrics to soundtrack their space-themed wedding, the track oozes an otherworldly ambience that you just can't quite get enough of.

'Our Way' begins with an illuminating intimacy as Cronin softly introduces soothing electric guitar notes floating above his solacing vocals as he sings about the ethereal euphoria that comes with finding new love and connection. Guiding listeners through a full spectrum of emotions with his natural flair for sonic storytelling and intelligent lyricism, he not only satisfies the earworms, but he invites listeners into his immersive world. The instrumentals quickly build to a triumphant pace as the track soars into an orchestral folk-rock breakdown featuring vibrant strings, spacious riffs and a decadent harmonica solo. It's encapsulating and consuming, with an almost Australiana authenticity to it.

The track is an exciting release from Cronin as he dabbles into a new sonic soundscape, layering orchestrated instrumentals to help with his storytelling.

Speaking on the track he says the song is dramatically dynamic to aid in portraying a full spectrum of emotions.

“I was inspired by that fluttering sense of euphoria and sublime invincibility which comes hand in hand with new love and new connection and its ability to move us to new heights. The song is dramatically dynamic, portraying a full spectrum of emotions that combines a weighted sense of belonging, depth and connection, whilst also providing a contrast with orchestrated moments of weightlessness, as an invitation into the sublime or to soar above all else.”

‘Our Way’ will send you soaring through the stratosphere lead by an uproar of orchestral folk-rock power. So, if you're looking for the perfect song to soundtrack a late night drive with the windows down or a star-lit camping trip, 'Our Way' is the way to go.

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