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The Jungle Giants Get Dance Heavy on 'Heavy Hearted'

It is a catch-22. If an artist releases a track or album that the masses categorise as too similar to previous discography, they run the risk of being labelled "unimaginative" and "repetitive". But if artists release music that's too different, they get branded "experimental" and "lost their sound" (think Arctic Monkeys' Tranquility Base).

So when the latest track from The Jungle Giants made its way onto airwaves this week, I have to confess I was instinctively surprised by the turn the band had taken. It was a blunder for me to simply stamp 'dislike' on the tune because it had blatantly subverted the expectations set by early (and well loved) works.

It shouldn't have been a surprise as 2017 album Quiet Ferocity was definitely already bringing the band towards this eclectic direction. This third album saw The Jungle Giants leave behind a lot of the quintessential elements of their indie rock foundations and take steps towards more ‘dance’ type tracks.

If this newest track is anything to go by, the next album from the Brissie four piece may cut almost all ties with their previous works.

The single is a full dance-floor track. 'A banger' if you will (as per Tom Haverford).

'Heavy Hearted' itself features synths, electronic drums, a heavy bass and a drop - Musical elements not stereo-typical of the Jungle Giant songs of old. The more electronic sound in general is reminiscent of artists such as Peking Duk and LDRU. However, the track retains a strong keyboard element, seemingly the last vestige of their early discography.

It is undeniable that this track sandwiched between ‘On Your Way Down’ and ‘Feel The Way I Do’ in a live set would be a mosh I would be surprised anyone would be able to walk away from.

Check out 'Heavy Hearted' below and the upcoming tour dates



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