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Thomas Headon Gets Rejected By 'UrbanAngel1999'

20-year- old Melbourne producer Thomas Headon has just released new 90’s inspired single ‘UrbanAngel1999’, following his releases of ‘Loving You’ and ‘Focus’ earlier this year. The track immediately captures the nostalgia of online relationships in the old MSN style. Reminiscent of artists such as Rex Orange County and Harry Styles, ‘UrbanAngel1999’ is a fun alternative pop hit with the story of a one-sided online relationship between Headon and someone under the username ‘UrbanAngel1999’, pleading “I told you I loved you...” but they reply, “ [I] really just wanted a friend,”.

Headon shares, "'UrbanAngel1999' is something stylistically that I’ve wanted to create for a long time...a story about a one-sided, online relationship.” With the phenomenon of e-dating – that has definitely piqued in quarantine, we can’t help but think of internet phenomenon Belle Delphine’s who ‘enthusiastic’ followers, were willing to do anything...including buying her used bathwater.

Yeah. If we weren’t so grossed out, we might even be jealous of the overwhelming love.

With bright vocals injected into 8-bit synths and sunburst guitars lost in a Windows XP loading screen, the ‘Rex Orange sheen’ that glazes the track makes it the perfect bop for long car rides to work at any time of day.

Headon, speaking on his writing the strong, stated that, “I’m not usually a story-songwriter, but this came out of me really quickly and I’m super happy with it". Breaking into the scene through uploading YouTube covers and building himself an online fanbase, Headon found himself with the support of triple J, debuting ‘Loving You’. Headon stated in his unearthed page that he began releasing music in the hopes of ‘getting verified on any form of social media’, a cheeky tongue-in-cheek Gen Z dream that all of Tiktok’s musicians-to-be can agree with. His rising bop ‘UrbanAngel1999’ may be just the thing that gets him there.

'UrbanAngel1999' by Thomas Headon is out now!

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