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Tjaka Bring Bravado And Heat With New Single 'Break It Down'

Photo by Only Odd

Meanjin indie-hop trio, Tjaka, are gathering steam in the music scene with an eclectic blend of electronic driven hip-hop. Injecting fresh modern elements into tracks rooted in indigenous instrumentation they seek to shine the spotlight on emerging young Indigenous artists. Their sophomore release 'Break It Down' doesn't shy away from full throttle funk and fire, finding it’s place in our On Repeat.

‘Break It Down’ crash lands with the powerful tones of the didjeribone, a modern amalgamation of a didgeridoo and trombone designed by Charlie McMahon. Building up to a staunchly energetic and rhythmic cocktail of sounds, the beat breaks, revealing lively and dynamic vocals from Jake Fabila, a musician with a spirit to be reckoned with. Driving this track is their fresh and neoteric take on 80s hip hop - a decade seeming to be resurfacing across the entire music industry. Tjaka holds a strong spot as a driver of 80s hip hop resurfacing in Meanjin. Blending this 80s hip hop style with modern Aussie rap is a breath of fresh air and a treat for the ears.

Starting from the ground up, they've built a strong fanbase by offering a sound that is quintessentially Tjaka. The lyricism from the trio propels them higher and higher with each release, spitting the lines, "I bet you've never heard it sound like this" - they're definitely not wrong.

In the past, Tjaka have kickstarted launches with a plethora of playlists placements and radio spins- leaving supporters knowing that the only way is up for this boundless band. This time is no different with the rambunctious boys obtaining a stream on Triple J Unearthed hours before the song had even been released on major streaming platforms.

This is unsurprising, however, as more and more people experience the Tjaka spark. Their impressive ability to blend the worlds between funk, reggae, electronic dance and didgeridoo continues to push them further into the limelight and they are certainly one to keep an eye on. Do yourself a favour and pay your dues to Tjaka by streaming 'Break It Down' now!

To celebrate the release of their show-stopping new single 'Break It Down', Tjaka will be playing 4 shows across Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Tjaka Upcoming Shows

2-4 September - Jungle Love Festival - Imbil

16 September - Solbar - Sunshine Coast*

17 September - Bearded Lady - Brisbane*

23 September - Mo’s Desert Clubhouse - Gold Coast**

*Supported by Endless Valley, Dizzy Days, Hemingway

**Supported by above bands and Lotus Ship


Photo by Gabi Rankine

For fans of: Baker Boy, Funky 4 + 1, OKA, Charlie McMahon



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