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Under the Radar: Josh Kroehn's Hearty New Single 'Don't Mind Me'

Another brilliant ‘Under the Radar’ release! Josh Kroehn has generously gifted us his latest single, a thawing indie track titled ‘Don’t Mind Me’. Based in Adelaide, Josh Kroehn has been playing guitar since the age of 9, which is impressive in itself, however his music has evolved to a state of clarity and maturity that is both refined and hearty. Josh Kroehn’s immersive, guitar-driven sound is showcased on his latest single ‘Don’t Mind Me’ and grounds him as an indie-songwriter to keep an eye (or ear) on.

The slow burning track that is ‘Don’t Mind Me’ is a textured, dimensional song that plays with our expectations as listeners. The natural tone of the guitar on the song balances with the unnatural beat underneath, fusing the natural and unnatural together in a blend that feels both steady and controlled – Josh Kroehn’s confidence and self-assurance is oozing out of this track.

Playing with our expectations, Josh Kroehn maintains a consistent, moody, thudding beat until about 4 and a half minutes through where he slows things down and we get hit with an instrumental that is angelic and reflective. The last two minutes solidify the mood of the entire track, a sombre dream that feels distant but is casually soaring above – as if aiming for the unachievable.

‘Don’t Mind Me’ is all about feeling estranged in social situations, which we can all relate to during COVID times – we’ve all forgotten how to socialise! As we all continue this journey to learn how to talk to friends and hang out at bars again, Josh Kroehn is here to guide us with his delicate guitar works.

An overall enjoyable experience, Josh Kroehn guides us through ‘Don’t Mind Me’ as we listen to it – setting up expected beats and surprising us with unexpected ones. Bursting with conviction and dedication, Josh Kroehn knows who he is, and he isn't afraid to let us know




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