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Unearthed High Once Again Showing Australia’s Best

Image via triple j (left to right) Aodhan, Raymondouu, Teenage Joans, Sam Windley, Ok2222

Every year Triple J Unearthed set out to find the best new Australian music from high school students across the country. Some of our favourite artists were discovered through Unearthed High, such as Asta, Montaigne, Hockey Dad and so many more.

This year the competition saw over 1700 entries and Triple J have narrowed it down to five finalists. Winner of the competition will gain help recording, producing and mastering their next single – not to mention all the Triple J hype. The five finalists this year are one of the best groups of finalists ever, it’s going to be tough to choose a winner this year!

Unearthed High’s Class of 2020 are:

Aodhan with ‘Twelve Again’

Last year Aodhan was the recipient of Triple J’s Indigenous Initiative in 2019 and his success is only growing! ‘Twelve Again’ pulls you in with its 8-bit-esque opening and moves through a dreamscape that feels like a video game set in a field of flowers, sultry and breezy.

ok2222 with ‘Demons’

Australia’s answer to sad boy indie is Oscar Kahan, or ok222. Kahan is racking up an online following and for good reason – ‘Demons’ delivers smooth R'n'B that demands to be listened in one’s bedroom, with the rainbow LED lights on, thinking about the e-boy who screwed you over (again).

Raymondouu with ‘Taxi Driver’

Compared to other finalists Raymondouu or Raymond Zhang offers a gentle lullaby with his song ‘Taxi Driver’. This soft masterpiece is the perfect backing track for one’s daily government – permitted walk; it’s slow, comforting and will make you feel all kinds of introspective.

Sam Windley with ‘Neighbours in The Morning’

If you need a song to get you up in the morning, it’s this one! Bursting of energy that’s reminiscent of early morning sun and sweet vocals inviting you to get up and move, Sam Windley is doing Brisbane proud!

Teenage Joans with ‘Three Leaf Clover’

Adelaide is grossly underrated when it comes to the artist it’s produced and Teenage Joans is evidence of the talent pouring out of Adelaide. Their grungy rock sound greatly differs to the rest of the finalists, but its garage done right – clean, tight and so damn cool.

Congrats all!



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