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Violent Soho Releases Music Video For 'Slow Down Sonic'

Photo via Violent Soho Facebook

Brisbane boys Violent Soho have released a music video for 'Slow Down Sonic', the sixth track from their latest album Everything is A-Ok and it's bloody lovely.

Straying from their typical hard head-bangers, 'Slow Down Sonic' is a softer, slightly melancholic tune.

The video is quintessentially Australian. A road trip through the red dust in a Holden Kingswood packed full of your mates. Filling up at rusty stand-alone petrol stations and grabbing a Masters ice coffee. Regional pubs where the blokes holding pints and wearing hi-vis look slightly on the weathered side, staring at the footy or the races.

Directed by Dan Graetz, this music video has captured a uniquely Aussie flavour of weary contentment. Violent Soho did this deliberately.

“Filmed deep in South West Queensland, we wanted the video for ‘Slow Down Sonic’ to illustrate the feel and mood of the song and how we connect with specifically Australian spaces and the daily lived experience,” they said.



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