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Listen to Jon Bryant's 'Headphones'

If you haven’t yet heard of Jon Bryant it’s about time you get familiar. From Nova Scotia, Canada, Bryant has made his name in the folk world however his latest single ‘Headphones’ has proven the artists versatility.

There’s more to the story than a soft-voiced, singer-songwriter who shares poetic love songs. A few years ago Bryant found himself accidentally caught up in a cult. After the truth unravelled, Bryant poured into his music to understand. This led to the release of his album Cult Classic in May 2016.

‘Headphones’ is a modern day love song. Bryant's sound has progressed from his usual folk pop and into something more upbeat. Introduced by a silky, muted riff the song builds into a catchy pop chorus.

"You and I are tangled up like headphones in my pocket."

The single is driven by marching-like drums, giving it an earthy momentum. ‘Headphones’ sits outside the predictable for the Canadian artist. Jon Bryant shows potential to scale to levels of soft sad pop artists like LUAV and The 1975. But is this a style we can continue to expect from Jon Bryant? Only his next release will tell.




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